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Scottsdale Chiropractic Wellness

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“I Love Dr. Mike, he got me back on the golf course in no time.” Sharon O.

Scottsdale Chiropractic Wellness Center

Your Optimum Health is our primary goal, our Chiropractors easily achieve this by…

  • Offering same day appointments for current and new patients
  • Accepting and billing all of the health insurance companies
  • We have office hours at lunchtime, evenings and Saturdays
  • Caring about your total health, and your family’s health too.

Our Chiropractic Office has the best options for your health care.

  • Chiropractors w/ real Treatment Plans, no 3x a week, forever
  • Physio-Therapy including Cold laser and Vax-Decompression
  • Myofascial, Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
  • Nutritional and live blood analysis for real results

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Scottsdale Chiropractic Wellness Ctr ~ Chiropractor ~ Physical Therapy ~ Massage Therapy

Welcome to Scottsdale Chiropractic Wellness Center.   For over 23 years, our Scottsdale chiropractors have been treating all your Chiropractic problems with gentle spinal adjustments, therapies including  cold laserVax-Decompression, and the best massage therapists in town. At our chiropractic office in Scottsdale, we can bring you quick symptom relief from all your daily stress, that leads to headaches, neck pain, low back pain even sciatica. Our Scottsdale Chiropractic location is right off the 101 freeway and can easily service anyone from the Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe and Chandler areas. We offer same day appointments, and accept all health insurance. We are even offer Saturday appointments for chiropractic and massage. Our Scottsdale Chiropractors treat a large variety of musculo-skeletal problems; such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches, disc herniation’s, carpal tunnel, numbness, sciatica, and of course sports injuries. At our newest Scottsdale chiropractic location, we are very effective in the treatment of workers compensation cases and injuries sustained from automobile accidents.  You can expect quality, individualized chiropractic care from our highly qualified staff of chiropractors. The Chiropractic Doctors at our Scottsdale location will get to the cause of your aches and pains without masking your symptoms with drug therapy. Dr. Michael Halsam, our primary chiropractor, seeks out the true cause of your problem and corrects it with gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments. Also, he utilizes various types of therapy to help provide you with much needed pain relief. Dr. Mike takes the time to properly educate his patients on the importance of daily stretching exercises that will help speed the healing process. Dr Halsam will also check your computer work station ergonomics and show you which daily & work out activities to avoid. All chiropractic doctors should show their patients individual specific exercises that help prevent further injuries from your day to day activities. Unfortunately most chiropractors won’t take the time, which means you may spend weeks to months before you see any progress. Our Scottsdale Chiropractic Wellness Center also offers Massage therapy. Our Massage Therapists are the best in Scottsdale. They work specifically on the muscles that will increase the effects of your chiropractic care, decrease your stress, increase your circulation and most importantly improve your flexibility. Scottsdale Chiropractor Dr Michael HalsamWhen seeking out a Scottsdale chiropractor, it is important to find someone you can truly trust. For the past 19 years more than 10,000 people have put there trust in Dr Mike. He has created this chiropractic website to help our patients and visitors better understand all chiropractic services available. We want you to get a feel for our Scottsdale chiropractic office and we hope that if you’re looking for a qualified chiropractor in Scottsdale for spinal adjustments, physiotherapy, or massage that you will find our chiropractic website and our chiropractic services beneficial.  If you have any questions please feel free to email Dr. Mike anytime @ . Our Scottsdale chiropractic office is only a 10-15 minute drive for zip codes 85260, 85259, 85255, 85254, 85258, 85253, 85268, 85250, 85251, 85266, 85262 and 85054. Meet Our Team